Our chief has put together a small selection of what you sample at the” Romeo Restaurant”…


So whatever your tastes, the “Romeo Restaurant” would be proud in serving you and your friends…


A very traditional dish with lamb, vine leafs, gently baked in the oven. Stamna: Tender pieces of veal, baked in wine and cheese.

Stuffed souvlaki:

Beef fillet filled with tender cheese and tomato.

The Farmers pork:

A dish with tender pork, mushrooms, vegetables, baked potatoes cooked slowly in a white-wine sauce.

Bekri meze:

Small pieces of pork in a delicious red, slightly spicy sauce.


Veal in wine sause and various cheeses

Greek plate:

A selection of the Greeks finest dishes.

Vegetarian mousaka:

A traditional dish with slices of aubergines (EGG PLANTS???), potatoes covered with a creamy bechamel sauce.

Vegetarian meze:

A selection of stuffed tomatoes, dolmades, giovetsi, stifado, pie, (cheesepie??) beans and baked potatoes.

Shateau briand:

A very popular dish of beef fillet served with baeked potatoes rice and fresh vegetables.


We suggest you try from our traditional chascoal - grilled spits Lamb, chicken abd kontosouvli (pork meat on the spit) for that real Greek taste



A very popular dish of pork finely sliced served with fried potatoes and tzatziki.

Stuffed peppers:

With feta cheese and small pieces of tomato.

Grilled feta:

Feta cheese with a slice of tomato and pepper, spiced, wrapped in foil and baked.

Stuffed calamari:

Filled with cheese, tomato and gently baked.


Prawns ala Greca:

Delicious prawns baked with feta cheese and a delicate tomato sauce.


7-9 Menekleous & Sokratous Str. (Old Town) - 851 00 Rhodes Tel: +30 2241 25186 - 74402
E-Mail: info@romeo.gr